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Post by Flossie » Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:45 pm


AGE: 35
HOME: London
JOB: Professional Boxer
STATUS: Present

Survival of the fittest must be one of the most worn out and knackered clichés ever used when describing Big Brother's many, but in Angel's case it's about as true as you could get.

Moving to England from Russia 12 years ago, Angel is a professional boxer and is very self-confident. But she does have a soft side – she runs a keep fit class for the elderly ladies of Herne Hill. Aww, bless.

But, never mind that – let's get back to the hard stuff.

Angel claims that she is mentally strong and can't remember the last time she cried, and when she was little she wanted to be a detective. She also believes that in the future, there will be a war between fit and unfit people. Okay, so apart from the fact that we know which side she'll be on, does anyone else think her biography sounds a bit like a Terminator screenplay?

She's quite ambiguous when it comes to sex too – she can't 'do it' for a month before a fight, but when it comes down to it, she's another one who’s not quite sure whether she's Arthur or Martha. Bring it on…

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