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Post by Flossie » Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:12 pm


AGE: 41
HOME: Birmingham
JOB: Unemployed
STATUS: Present

On first impressions, Lisa might look a little bit scary. Some people have even said she looks ready to kill, but far from it. She might have more front than Selfridges, but we suspect she’s hiding just as many treasures behind her Mohican, tattoos and piercings.

And we might as well get her bad habit out in the open while we’re here – she loves cleaning up.

Lisa’s gonna be real popular. Oh yeah. As long as she manages to control her, ahem, urges. Lisa is a very sexual being and talks about sex all the time. To describe Lisa as a sexual predator would be like calling a crocodile a sweet itty-bitty thing.

But it’s not all about sex. Spiritualism plays a big part in Lisa’s life and she has all the hallmarks of a genuine, kind individual.

Her downfall, she believes, is her lack of confidence. Well, there’s nothing like a Baptism of fire to sort that out once and for all.

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