Revolting disingenuous scheming bitch

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Revolting disingenuous scheming bitch

Post by Flossie » Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:42 pm

Lisa was in conversation with Marcus about Marcus' intentions with regard to Noirin in the living room.

Marcus was describing how much he liked Noirin and how they had agreed to do a number of sociable things together after BB. Marcus was sceptical that anything "would happen" between them but he insisted there was more to their relationship than just friendship although he suspected that if they did engage in the outside world he would be clamouring for assignations and activities while she would be a reluctant participant. Lisa agreed there must be something more than a friendship given Noirin's behaviour. Marcus was quite revealing and open in his comments and Lisa seemed to be friendly and supportive.

The moment Lisa disengaged from Marcus and returned to her usual resting place in the garden with her acolytes, the usual bitching began. Her friendly support for Marcus was replaced by spiteful scathing of him in general and in particular whether he was worthy of the attention of someone as desirable and attractive as Noirin. Her disingenous attiitude to Marcus was clearly apparent for the viewer, but alas not visible to Marucs or her entourag. Then she launched into an attack on Noirin and her supposed tendency to lead people on and to manipulate others with her sexual appeal. She seemed intent on creating division in the house by proposing that other hms not part of her circle were objectionable, scheming and manipulative. Whether she is spouting this nonsense because she really believes what she says and is genuinely paranoid because of some innate insecurity or because she is cynically manufacturing an imagined threat to to rouse her troops and enhance her status as some perceptive guru, isn't quite clear, perhaps her behaviour is a convenient melding of the two.

Whatever the motives, she is a force for discontent, division and suspicion, and I suspect that is an enviroment she is familiar with and allows her to deploy her most unpleasant social skills to her advantage.


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Post by Steffi » Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:06 am

Yes. I found all that very sad indeed.

For a start it's none of Lisa's business and secondly she is only providing them with the reasons for their next nomination.

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