Grrrr get him OUT!!

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Grrrr get him OUT!!

Post by Steffi » Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:59 am

:-x :rifle: :-x

I've never liked this guy since he showed himself to be such an utter plank. He bats his eyelashes and plays at being a fairy and that is the tip of the ice berg grrr :-x

I also don't want to see his arse any more or Kris playing with it!

He's so selfish and stupid and such a


He nominates Freddie and gives lame reasons such as Freddie doesn't join the group. Then in the next breath says he can't stand hearing Freddie talk and all he talks about is boring.

A) How can he know what the hell Freddie talks about if Freddie doesn't join the "group"?

B) I only see Frdddie in groups so does Charlie think the "group" he is in is the one and only "group"?

C) Charlie needs alcohol in order to be more fun, more lively, more entertaining.... he says when asking for it. So what does this make him when he is sober if he needs the effects of alcohol in order to function in a way I would think of as normal? Boring perhaps?

D) What is his definition of interesting? Having a straight guy put a plunger on his arse? I'm really struggling to think of any examples of Charlie's sense of humour and intelligence here.

I'm sure I had more to write but perhaps i'd better take a breather first.

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Post by Flossie » Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:52 am

I agree wholeheartedly again.

This guy is obnoxious, tedious, superficial and boring and an aspiring bully.

His reasons for disliking Freddie seemed to consist of little more than he had been bullied into isolation, and so now that Freddie is in the vulnerable position Charlie thinks he needs a damn good kicking as well.


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