Charlie's expression when Siavash revealed he didn't want to

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Charlie's expression when Siavash revealed he didn't want to

Post by Flossie » Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:47 am

Siavash was in the bedroom with Charlie, Freddie and Marcus and informed them he wanted to take himself "out of the game" and he "didn't want to win".

These words left Siavash's mouth and began there way across the bedroom, were detected by Charlie's ears and then processed by the semi-dormant organ in Charlie's head.

The effect was tumultuous.

The eyebrows raised, the bowels moved, an arm flinched, the thinking organ seized up and as usual the jaw dropped and the lips scowled.

Charlie could not believe that someone was prepared not to try to win BB, he thinks about nothing else, he dreams about it, he lives for it, he fantasises about it. The only time when his limp neurons are not processing ways to win is when he is attempting to put a sentence together because that requires all of his available neurological resources.

His synapses are fired every hour so to engage what he thinks is a the winning strategy which is to emit the mantra "well I am not like see" followed by something akin to pitch forking babies or "I am like that see" which is usually followed by some saintly sermon on how he loves everybody, how he speaks his mind, and how honest he is.

This guy has got to go. Surely most sensible people are not taken in by the odious and disingenuous performance this guy is giving of some innocent, vulnerable, naive and generously-spirited good little boy?

Surely people have not forgotten his semi-bullying of Freddie in Freddie's bed and his various snarlings at Rodrigo?

This guy is so desperate to win he will adopt any persona that he thinks might appeal to the viewers, and his willingness to dump any friend, such as Lisa when the word was she was harming his prospects, if he perceives them to be a liability to his chances is just revolting.

Get this guy out!!!!!!

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