Freddie on live feed

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Freddie on live feed

Post by Flossie » Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:46 pm

Anybody unfortunate enough to have sampled some of the live feed last night would have been treated a stream of idiocy and fawning from Freddie.

When he wasn't desperately agreeing with every scintilla of Bea's comments he was dispensing pretentious pseudo-intellectual drivel to various unfortunate audiences about Noirin being a sociopath, how he was providing a spirit of positivity and insight into the house along with Bea and some other hm, and various other truly idiotic nonesense on the human condition, as well as his old habit of projecting pieces of fiction about himself and his life dressed as fact etc etc.

Never in the history of BB has someone drivelled so much, with so many, about so little.

How Bea can put up with this torrent of limp brain wanderings which he clearly thinks is endearing is quite amazing.

He keeps mindlessly speculating about life, people, society and the universe because he is so utterly confused about it. He seems to have a lesser grip on these issues than one would have thought possible. And I refuse to believe his dyslexia is responsible for this. His naivety and idiocy seems to be a result of him not having experienced life at all, let alone the one he claims to have. I wonder if he has been living in a box ( or would that be a mansion? ).

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