How would you have repsonded to Rodrigo's mocking laughter?

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How would you have repsonded to Rodrigo's mocking laughter?

Post by Flossie » Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:48 am

Charlie was disgusted with his allocation as stylist in the Beyonce task. Rodrigo was amused mightily at Charlie's disgust, and laughed in Charlie's face with a vigour and volume which any normal being would find offensive. I think Charlie's attitude was completely unjustified and a result of his belief that he had some divine right to play the leading role in the task, but nonetheless what Rodrigo did was totally unacceptable.

I have noted in the past that men and women interpret these situations differently. A similar situation occurred in BB5 when Marco jumped up and down in Jason's face and the women commenting on the situation didn't interpret Marco's behaviour as particularly offensive, whereas I and most of the men commenting on the incident felt the action should meet with a serious physical response.

Similarly with Rodrigo's behaviour. If a bloke laughs at you in the way Rodrigo laughed at Charlie the behaviour is insulting and provocative in the extreme. He has behaved in the same to Bea when she was upset over the lack of a message from her mother.

I would have gone over to Rodrigo and bopped him and then asked him if he could see the funny side.

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