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AGE: 27
HOME: Nottingham
JOB: Beauty consultant
STATUS: Walked

Saffia is certainly not your average shy and retiring type. Strong on voice and opinion, her views on men might shock the faint-hearted: “they are just sperm donors.” Yowch! And heaven help anyone who challenges her skills as a single mother of two. She also freely admits that she always gets everything she wants.

Already sounding like a recipe for trouble, yeah? According to rumour, she’s perceived as a show off, a bitch and a fantastic mum, all of which she confirms as being absolutely true.

And the thing she likes most about herself? Why, her appearance of course! Saffia is a beauty consultant after all.

Independence is a massive issue for Saffia too and she won’t even let men buy her drinks, let alone pay for a meal.

This is one fiery chick, except in the bedroom department, because as far as Saffia is concerned, she could do without sex for the rest of her life. Or so she says, because in the next breath she confesses that she kissed a girl and liked it. Ooh, what would Katie Perry say?
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