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Post by Flossie » Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:22 pm


AGE: 26
HOME: Herne Hill
JOB: Banking
STATUS: Evicted

At a fairly short 4'11”, Sophia isn’t the tallest girl in the House, but when it comes to attitude, she’s got the goods. A pretty tough childhood left Sophia with the philosophy to embrace every day as it comes and treat it as your last day. An attitude that some might see as stubbornness. Especially when she claims that she'll never start an argument, but if someone starts one with her then she will end it - even if it has to go on all night. You go girlfriend!

On a trust front, she's very wary of people, which might explain why she doesn’t have a best friend to speak of and she’s single at the moment – men give her headaches as she doesn't know what they want. She’s probably not alone there!

And what about Sophia's bad habits? Well, how about randomly breaking out into song, talking to herself and farting? Will that do?

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