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Bea's attack on Freddie

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:51 pm
by Flossie
Freddie suffered a relentless set of attacks from Bea in yesterday's highlights following his comments to her about her being "negative" and a "*****monger" ( I can't recall exactly what sort of monger she was) inthe previous day's highlights.

She savaged him mercilessly and feigned upset at his behaviour while applying her makeup and eventually told him to piss off and then later she moved beds and told him that she would treat him as she does "all negative people and get as far away as possible". She made it plain she thought he was paranoid and the cause of much conflict in the house.

In the previous days highlights she suggested he look deeply inside himself to improve his self-awareness and she seemed to be suggesting he had some mental health issues.

All this abuse culminated in him having something akin to a breakdown under his duvet.

She seemed to have absolutely no understanding of his emotional vulnerability, particularly to criticism from her, and as he became more and more vulnerable she seemed intent on doing more and more emotional harm to him.

It was revolting to watch.

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:58 pm
by Steffi
I found it very difficult to watch, myself :sad4: .

What I found most difficult was the fact that she was trying to tell Freddie he was negative and horrible and his whole aura was horrible and she wanted to take herself far away from him etc

I couldn't understand this because I always thought it was Bea who enjoyed doing the analysis' and finding all the faults in others that she could and talking about them and Freddie would listen and agree sometimes and it seemed as though they were on a par :? It didn't seem like she was suffering from him rabbitting on constantly. He seemed delighted that he had somebody to talk with who could see the same things as himself or who could point out things he hadn't seen.... but she tried to make out to other people that she just wanted to have fun and was sick of hearing him constantly analysing. I thought that perhaps she was using one of their own opinions of Freddie and strengthening it by making it appear to be true - because if his closest friend thinks so, then it must be. She also used the word "paranoid" which was a Lisa classic, and with Lisa listening, it was like a gift. I've just had an image of that woman who asked for John the Baptist head on a platter! :doom: What is happening to me? Crazy.
Anyway. Continuing...... I felt that Siavash was less helpful than Marcus because Siavash listened to Bea's sweet voiced and shocked version of events and didn't consider Freddie's much after that. He hugged Bea and in his imitable way probably said "it's all good, it's all good" whereas Marcus, with real concern in his eyes, belied by his words, said that Bea wasn't worth it. The proper blokey thing to say and so much communicated by that.
If Freddie hadn't been so besotted with Bea, he wouldn't have been so gutted. The fact that she disliked him enough to move beds did hurt him very much as he doesn't know what he's done wrong and also he will miss her.

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:10 am
by Giz
the most infuriating aspect of Bea is her constant mirror transference, everything she does or is told she does is immediately reflected back at her accusers of doing the self same thing to her :-x

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:42 am
by Flossie
Freddie suffered particularly horribly because he really liked her, as Steffi said.

He suffered a complete turnaround in her attitude towards him because of some very minor comments he made about her.

The initial torrent of criticism she delivered in bed just after the initial break up was utterly out of proportion to what he had done, and the performance in the highlights referred to was vindictive, spiteful and seemingingly intended to inflict maxium psychological and emotional harm.

Her most irritating behvaiour is her supposed upset at some supposed crticism which is simply used as some emotional positioning from which to justify delivering unpleasantness.

And her defection to the Dark Side is just insane, she will not last in that camp as she will find them tedious and they will find her offensive. She is on a road to isolation.

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:39 am
by Steffi
It's the hypocrisy I can't stand and the presentation of tears which she uses especially on men and this is uncomfortable for me to watch. Everything she says is a lie and the only truth is when she sits in the diary room, the tears dry up and we all know what she thinks of everybody in the house and we all know no one made her feel the way she has tried to portray.

There was something she said about Freddie tonight being selfish and I remembered that he gave his birthday present to Noirin to have the glasses removed, he gave the house his personal token when the others all cashed theirs in for personal treats and he used his own personal part of the budget to buy garlic to be used by the group. I'm sure there are more examples of this sort of selflessness but still, none of that group care for any of that, he is still nominated constantly.

She says the most unbelievable things, for example trying to portray the three Amigos (as they are now known) as bullies oh dear god, but also saying that they were her closest friends. I don't know how she could say that when all she has been doing is slagging them off. The same as how she was always slagging of Lisa and co.

The woman is nuts and needs to get booted out sharpish before she insists upon Marcus having electric shock therapy and Siavash throws a basin through the mirrors.

(One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:22 am
by Giz
Roddy : Bea, would you like a cup of tea?

Bea: Roddy I'm shocked that you can ask me that

Sophie : he only asked.......

Bea : That's really upset me that has

Charlie : but he..........

Bea : I come in to the kitchen and you straight out asked me about tea, do you know how upsetting that is (screws up face), how would you feel if I did that to you, I'm so shocked and upset, I thought you were my friend, I cant believe you could do that ( flounces out in mock tears)