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AGE: 24
HOME: Dublin
JOB: Unemployed Fashion Designer
STATUS: Married

Definitely not one to follow the crowd, Hira (pronounced Heara) is a self-confessed workaholic who is determined to give orders and not take them. She also feels that other females quickly become jealous of her. Expect fireworks aplenty...

Hira is a 24-year-old unemployed fashion designer who lives in Dublin with her husband. Branding herself a modern day Muslim, religion is very important to her and she prays five times every day. Rather than impose her views on others, she feels it's important to 'live and let live' and enjoys embracing other cultures.

Two of her pet hates are staying up late and mess, which should make for interesting viewing given Hira's uncompromising attitude. Fellow housemates had better tiptoe around and keep everything spotless or risk incurring her wrath. One stray sock on the floor might just set her off...

Apart from clothes, her main passion is dancing. She doesn't even need any music to boogie to as she's happy to bop around in silence. We're not quite sure that trend will take off.

Although she doesn't drink or smoke, Hira isn't a total goody two shoes. Brace yourselves folks, but on rare occasions she actually swears! And on that bombshell...
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