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Post by Flossie » Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:34 pm


AGE: 27
HOME: London
JOB: Yacht Importer Surveyor
STATUS: Single

If someone told you that they're a self employed yacht importer, what would you expect them to be like? A delusional Del Boy wheeler dealer or a wealthy businessman with a boarding school background?

It's definitely the latter for 27-year-old Tom, who loves his 'posh boy' status and reckons that women lap up his upper crust tones. However, guys tend to take the mickey out of him and he is often aggrieved by people labelling him as arrogant.

Tim has had to deal with some heartache in his life, as his dream of playing professional rugby was cruelly curtailed by a severe back injury at university. Currently single, he still idealises an ex girlfriend who broke his heart three years ago and is a bit bemused that older women often take a shine to him.

The fitness fanatic has been going through a bit of a drought on the pulling front in recent times though. Could he possibly regain his mojo in the House? No pressure there, Tom!

He doesn't think he has much of a chance of winning because some viewers will hold his background against him, but is simply delighted to be in the House for the experience. Fame and fortune don't interest him. We'll see about that...

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