Did Paloma relish abusing her fellow contestants?..

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Did Paloma relish abusing her fellow contestants?..

Post by Flossie » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:32 am

..... and was her Damascan conversion on YBF sincere and does she have a moral framework?

She may not have relished abusing and demeaning others with jokes and a smile on her face but she drew great satisfaction from abusing and disparaging her fellow candidates. She had contempt for them and for most other people with whom she came into contact. Her self-aggrandisement and spiteful abuse of others seemed to be her natural inclination.

However, I do believe she is extraordinarily adaptable, a human chameleon in terms of character, she adopts a character that she believes gains maximum advantage in any situation: where she believes aggression, savagery and ruthlessness are expected and profitable she will adopt those traits, and where they are inappropriate and unprofitable, such as in YBF, she will adopt entirely opposite traits.

I have yet to decide if she does have a moral framework which she suppresses if she perceives it as inconvenient when striving for success and status, or if she is prepared to adopt any moral framework that is advantageous at any one moment. Is she simply amoral?

Was she really being sincere in YBF where she admitted to being aggressive and morally questionable and implied she accepted she had been abusive of others in her ruthless and self-serving approach and regretted much of it and had now learnt a life-changing lesson and changed her approach to life? Or was this an insincere expediency because she was faced with a morally-inclined and potentially critical audience, in the studio and in the outside world? With someone as clever and quick thinking as she is, determining whether she presents a pragmatic façade or is being genuine, is extremely difficult.

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