Bitchy, waffly git?

Black guy who read books and therefore thinks he is intelligent
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Bitchy, waffly git?

Post by Flossie »

I think Govan is a bitchy git.

He seems to revel in finding something unpleasant to say about other hms. He seems to direct his energies in this direction and with relish describes perceived and usually unjustified faults in other hms. I think he does this as some sort of bonding exercise with other hms as well as offering targets of criticism to other hms.

As well as his noisy declarations of supposed faults in other hms, I particularly dislike his prevaricating and insinuating verbal interaction style which barely hides the malicious agenda that seems to drive his behaviour but seems to be some dishonest attempt at distancing himself from his intentions. I find this behaviour to be one of the most obnoxious ways of behaving; dishonesty used to disguise malice.
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Post by Anna »

He reminds me of Vicky Pollard in 'Little Britain' :D
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