INteresting post by anguk on Josie buying Steve's leg

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INteresting post by anguk on Josie buying Steve's leg

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The government has been paying for false legs for years, including Steve's.

Every amputee gets their prosthetic limbs free on the NHS, it's only because Steve wants the latest more advanced leg that it has to be paid for privately.

Steve will have a perfectly good, functioning leg free from the NHS but he is also lucky enough to be trialling a leg for a private company (most amputees don't have that opportunity) and it's that leg that Josie is going to buy. However it can be a double edged sword because Steve will then have to continue paying after he gets it,they only last a few years and need to be refitted at least once a year.

Steve seemed to give Josie and the other house-mates the impression that the government don't pay for his legs and he'd have to buy one himself but this is not true. And it's also interesting that he himself said if he won the prize money he'd pay for a new kitchen and pay his mortgage off, not buy a new leg. This will be because he knows he can get them free on the NHS.
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