Was she justified in being upset when nominated as the mole?

who thinks she can smile her way through her medical training
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Was she justified in being upset when nominated as the mole?

Post by Flossie » Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:42 am

After the mole nomination exercise Sunshine was upset with a number of other hms and according to some followers of the live feed made a fuss for some considerable time, and on the highlights viewers could see she had an argument with Govan.

In the exercise hms had to nominate who they thought was the mole and were informed that if the majority correctly identified the mole, the mole would be evicted.

She, along with many others, decided that the kindest strategy was to nominate someone that they did not think was the mole so that there would be no eviction of an hm. Some of the dimmer hms perhaps did not consider the consequences of doing BB's bidding, but some did, such as Govan, and yet voted for her genuinely believing her to be the mole and were therefore happy or content to see her evicted.

She was naturally upset to realise that there was a contingent of hms that were either happy or content to see her be evicted. To aggravate her condition was the argument with Govan in which he seemed to obfuscate and deny what he had done and his motivation. He was clearly aware of the potential consequences of his actions yet seemed to want to deny them and she was understandably annoyed at his denials and disingenuous argument.

She is a sensitive character and for Govan to bitch to others that she was simply playing victim, thereby excusing his culpability for her distress, and therefore deserved further disdain was pretty revolting. It was quite apparent she was genuinely distressed even if perhaps she was unrealistic in her desire not be disliked.

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