Classic self-obsessed, self-involved superficial cow?

who is so prone to jealousy she is jealous of herself
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Classic self-obsessed, self-involved superficial cow?

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Rachel does seem to fit the classic self-obsessed, self-involved superficial cow, who regards her appearance and the attention she receives of equal importance to the country's GDP, health and welfare system combined.

In her audition she asserted without the possibility of contradiction that she would be the most attractive housemate and declared that she is surrounded by jealousy and that she has to spend much of her life fending it off and ostracising its perpetrators.

Her shock at finding that no one in the house finds her attractive has clearly rocked her world. She obviously draws much of her confidence and status from her perceived power over men and to find she has been completely disarmed of something she took for granted is clearly going to have big ramifications for her. I predict lots more crying unless she gets the attention and desire for her that she craves.
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