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Age: 29
Home: London
Job: Reality TV Personality
Starsign: Aquarius
Status: Engaged
Rating: 67% Hot! (2965 ratings)
Is Michelle or


Brunette babe Michelle is remembered for 'allegedly' being the first housemate to have sex in Big Brother with her love-interest Stuart aka 'Chicken Stu'. Michelle was determined to make Stu her man and became rather possessive of him until he succumbed to her feminine wiles.

Michelle, along with fellow housemate Emma, thought she was being evicted and actually ended up living in the secret Big Brother 5 bedsit. Emma and Michelle were able to watch all their fellow housemates from the bedsit and control various aspects of house life including the hot water. They revelled in dousing Victor with cold showers. Michelle is often remembered for uttering the immortal order ‘No naked Jacuzzi’ whilst watching love interest ‘Chicken Stu’ from the bedsit as he enjoyed a late night Jacuzzi with fellow housemates.

When Michelle and Emma returned to the house their full wrath was unleashed after they had spied on the remaining housemates and this led to 'Fight Night'. Michelle was evicted from the house just one week before the final.

Michelle is now engaged to hypnotherapist Steve and also plans to work in therapy herself in the future.

Michelle’s relationship with 'Chicken' Stu continued out of the house for some time and made them tabloid favourites but the love didn’t last. Michelle bought herself a breast enlargement and went on to have a successful if short career as a glamour model and presenter on Television X.

In 2006, she released a single titled 'Must Be the Music' which had little success, although the song was selected to be in the final twelve to represent the UK in Eurovision 2007 but didn’t make the selection show.
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