Distasteful woman

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Distasteful woman

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I have been meaning to comment on this hideous, spiteful creature for some time, but I was disinclined because I would rather not occupy my brain with thoughts about her. I have been forced to articulate my analysis following her appalling behaviour in tonight's programme.

As well as the faults already described, she presents a hideous figure in visual terms and I think she is an equally ugly person inside. Her most heinous flaw is her manipulative and disingenuous scheming antics; she spends much of her time expressing her love for people while in their company and then venomously attacking them when they are elsewhere. People could do well without the sort of love that she delivers.

Her Machiavellian antics have surpassed all previous attempts by BB housemates. From her first moments in the house she seemed intent on telling her interlocutors what she thought they wanted to hear, a notable example was her early conversations with the situation in which she seemed to suggest that Danica was in some way obliged to accept his advances and that she would succumb to them. Her devious manipulation of the Ashley and the situation was a masterpiece in seeding paranoia in the pair by asking them if they felt played, they could hardly respond in anything but the positive.

She is a woman who specialises in boosting the ego of whoever she regards as potential supporter, and reassuring those, such as Coleen and Danica, who she regards with ugly dislike.

Her antics with the banana and other similar performances are calculated to grab attention and amuse for social advantage.

Her character is as foul as her language and her gum-chewing and smoking habits, I don't see a single redeeming feature in her.
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