Why the eviction boos were good for Makosi and Nadia, ...

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Why the eviction boos were good for Makosi and Nadia, ...

Post by Flossie » Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:01 pm

.. their fans, the booers and the viewers.

There have been a lot of complaints about the booing of Makosi and Nadia on eviction night. I propose to demonstrate that not only was it justified but it was a good thing for the recipients of the boos and their fans, as well as the booers and the viewers.

I believe many of Makosi’s and Nadia’s more thoughtful fans, some of whom are so entranced that they offer their love to their idols, may accept the logic of the argument I propose and I ask them, before they engage their knees in a jerk reaction in response to my proposition, to consider something: do they want their idols to become better people, more accepted by BB viewers and perhaps even liked, and to find life a bit more pleasant? I think fans of the pair would accept to a larger or lesser degree that their idols have a raft of character defects which are obstacles to them achieving these things.

One major set of character defects the pair share is almost beyond dispute: they have a highly inflated view of their self-importance, and they believe their wishes, concerns and feelings are primary and those of other people are not just secondary but almost irrelevant. I would go further and suggest that they believe the role of others is to adore, idolise and endorse them; the pair are ego maniacs. They are confused by the workings of the real world and its lack of reverence for them. They are takers and expect the world and life to be givers, and when life fails to deliver the goods they expect, they are indignant. I also suggest that their goals in life are pretty contemptible. Makosi’s goal is simply to get what she wants, these wants include self-promotion, status and material things, and she is prepared to use almost any stratagem to achieve them, whereas Nadia’s less ambitious goals are adoration and validation which she thinks can be achieved by simply making demands on the public and those around her. I present evidence and a more detailed analysis of their character defects at the bottom of this post. So how could they recognise and resolve these defects?

Their inflated egos have huge inertia against change and self-improvement and are not likely to voluntarily engage in introspection. The size of the problem was illustrated by Nadia’s comment in an interview in the Daily Star ( yes I know, but the quote and the interview seem genuine ) after she was evicted and referring to her BB5 experience that she “was the nation’s sweetheart and people embraced me.” So, the forces that need to be brought to bear on these egos and delusions need to be powerful, and the most powerful, effective and time-efficient force to apply is a vigorous and compelling massed rebuttal of their view of the world, and a booing crowd is the ideal delivery method.

Some might regard a booing crowd as too harsh and that Nadia’s reaction was indicative that the medicine was too strong or not efficacious, or that there is no urgency for action as time and life will deliver a more gentle and effective remedy. Well I would counter that life may never deliver the strong medicine required and for some of the older housemates the sooner the medicine is delivered the better, before it is too late.

I don’t think that people should be too concerned about the potential distressful process that might be caused by the booing. The phases of reaction that people offer when faced with criticism and demands for change are similar to the well document phases of grief that include denial, anger, depression, and finally acceptance, and so some levels of distress are going to accompany a positive developmental process. This pair resist criticism and vilification with denial using every ounce of their being, and for a truckload of reality to successfully intrude into their consciousness requires considerable emotional force. Many reality shows provide vast mines of evidence that these sorts of forces provide a long term gain for the recipients, even if there is some short term pain. Wife Swap provides numerous examples, in the more problematic cases with the more egotistical participants, before the sunny uplands are reached, there is inevitable denial, conflict and anger.

With Makosi the booing medicine may not have been strong enough or take some time to have an effect, when Davina asked her if she had any idea why she was being booed she replied that she had no idea except for possibly her conflict with John McCririck, obviously her initial response was to be unaffected or non-comprehending.

In Nadia’s case some introspection process was beginning in the interview as she realised the scale of the massed disapproval before her and the conflict this presented with her perception of being “loved” by the public. Alas I suspect that much of the introspection revolves around the aging process, as discussed in my character analysis below although the Daily Star quote above continues “… But now I’m the villain” so perhaps some self-awareness process has begun or, more likely, she feels she has been unjustly portrayed as a villain.

One can argue that a crowd has no right to exert a vigorous moral judgement and that the effect on evictees can be crushing, but I would counter that the crowd seems to deliver medicine that is commensurate with the immoral or hypocritical behaviour committed. The boos for Makosi and Nadia were mild for most of the eviction interviews, they only became vigorous and delivered en-masse on justifiable occasions such as Makosi’s denial that she enjoyed the male attention when showering. The crowd was fully justified to vilify such a clearly disingenuous or deluded denial and to treat the stronger character of Makosi more harshly. The crowd modulates the strength of its message appropriately.

The evictee crowd can of course unjustifiably heap opprobrium, but during the eviction interviews they have, far more often than not, accurately reflected a morally justifiable position. The critics of booing are usually the deluded and adoring followers of the victims, they are blinded by their adoration to see objective faults in their idols and they take personal offence because they not only support their idol but see some of themselves in them and suffer on their behalf as they empathise. I would much rather we have a crowd that delivers moral judgements and opprobrium that are generally justified rather than sit back passively and allow heinous hypocrisy and immoral actions go without comment and by their passive behaviour collude in allowing reprehensible housemates believe that they are not reprehensible or that their fantasy world is the real world .

So everyone is a winner with a thoughtful booing crowd, the victims are jolted into re-evaluating themselves and hopefully will become better people which will be to their benefit and the people with whom they have contact, the fans along with the victims will suffer some short term pain but benefit from the longer term gain of their idols, the crowd feel they have delivered a message that reflects the moral judgement of society, and the viewers are relieved that the crowd has voiced their feelings. Booooooooooooooo!!


Makosi’s character defects: evidence and analysis

Makosi’s inflated sense of self-worth and her disdain for others is transparently obvious in all of her verbal exchanges. Almost all of her conversations revolve around herself, her wishes, her needs and desires, her body, her feelings, and her perspective and attempting to impose her perspective on others. She really believes she has the status of a princess, calling herself the Black Diana in a Metro interview, when in fact she admitted in one article she is little more than a prostitute. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/showbiz ... somes.html

Shortly after coming into the house Makosi complained to BB that she was not receiving sufficient attention from BB, she felt Nikki was taking up all the attention, and so she protested by refusing to wear her microphone, no other housemate cared about Nikki’s turn in the spotlight. Could one imagine any other housemate complaining of a similar lack of attention? Only Nadia could have behaved in a similar manner.

When Makosi was stung by a wasp she feigned a limp, feigned a near-fainting manner in the diary room and appeared to struggle to vocalise her request to BB for a doctor, a melodramatic performance that was so ridiculous that Michelle, her sidekick, was compelled to laugh at her. The whole performance was a shamelessly executed and successful attempt to gain attention from the BB story editors.

Makosi’s most notorious and shameless deceitful grab for attention was her request for a pregnancy test in BB7 in the diary room following her Jacuzzi experience with Anthony, yet she recently admitted in an interview that she knew AT THE TIME she couldn’t have been pregnant “a few seconds” after what she believed was sex with Anthony. So why did she advertise the incident to BB by asking for a test she knew was pointless? Well she was simply prepared to humiliate herself to any degree to be the focus of the BB story editors and get her story broadcast. Interestingly, she adopted the same fake, limp and distressed demeanour in UBB when requesting attention for her sting as she did in BB7 when requesting the pregnancy test; she clearly has not changed her fake distressed performance in the intervening years.

She is a compulsive liar, and she seems to revel in deceiving others and sowing confusion and misinformation. She clearly finds the activity entertaining and as she has no regard for others, the effect on them is immaterial.

In the garden she declared that there had been some new moral innovation in the Christian world: morals were no longer fixed and objective but flexible and subjective. Moral frameworks could be defined by each individual and so you could define what was right and wrong. She declared delight at this innovation and one could see why, she feels she is her own God in her world, and must have been frustrated by the long standing intrusion of another God’s moral framework and constraints into it.

There are so many character defects apparent from the evidence above one doesn’t know quite where to begin to summarise them. She is clearly utterly unprincipled, she will do and say almost anything for personal advantage and publicity, telling the truth is not a factor, and she regards others with complete contempt. Only what she wants matters and she wants it now and most of all, she wants the status that will get her whatever she wants.

The sort of disdain with which she regards others and the importance with which she regards herself combined with her willingness to seize any opportunity for self-advancement is not a harmless combination. I suspect she is more than willing to see other people suffer for her benefit. Perhaps if she had been the princess she desperately wants to be but in an 18th century African tribe, she would have been one of those willing cogs in the slave trade and ship out her neighbours for personal advantage.

Nadia’s character defects: evidence and analysis

As with Makosi, all of her small interactions with other people consistently highlight her deeply flawed character and as with Makosi almost everything she says revolves her needs, specifically her insatiable need for attention, adoration and validation. As her quote in the Daily Star showed, she believed she was “loved” and “embraced” by others. She resembles Sunset Boulevard’s Norma Desmond who believed she was loved and had a huge fan base and survived emotionally on that delusion, and instead of being nourished by fake fan letters like Norma Desmond, Nadia is presumably is nourished by the BB7 DVD of her winning night and the chorus of cheers within. Like Norma Desmond she is liable to descend into a retreat with just her delusions unless reality intrudes, and her eviction night boos might just save her.

Unlike Makosi, Nadia does not seem to lie simply for her own entertainment, but she is prepared to be disingenuous if she feels it might deliver increased support and a bigger fanbase. Her two-faced complimenting of Makosi’s appearance on her entrance, which was preceded by a minor bitch of the same thing, was a wonderfully illustrative example. She is basically a bitch and her spiteful comments about Brian were further confirmation. Is this really the sort of person that deserves anyone’s support?

Her selfishness is extraordinary. She contributes next to nothing to a group of which she is a part. She is more than happy to be served and doted upon by others and following plategate she complained through sobs that she was not asked how she was feeling, yet when has she ever volunteered to comfort others or been remotely concerned about them? The mismatch between her perceived entitlements and the denial of similar entitlements to others is extraordinary. When she had a supportive and adoring cohort in BB7 she got all the supportive concern she could possibly want, but sycophants were absent in UBB, instead there was Makosi.

Plategate was a marvellous illustration of her contemptible self-centred view of the world. Her basic complaint that a broken plate should have been tidied away during the cooking process was utterly wrong. Not only was the plate not posing a threat to anyone, but it had broken because it had been subjected to severe heat from the hob and therefore was not only difficult to dispose of, but disposing of it in a hot state, in say a plastic bin full of other plastic material, would have been a very silly idea, even if, as Nadia suggested, that one could pick it up with something other than bare fingers. Her reprimand to Ulrika over the plate not only implied that Ulrika was slovenly, but also utterly lacked any appreciation of the work Ulrika had done in preparing the meal or the busy, attention-demanding nature of cooking for so many people. Ulrika appeared to intend to deal with the plate when the opportunity arose. Most infuriating was that Nadia felt she had the moral authority to complain about the quality of the effort of Ulrika when she had contributed nothing, she is without a conscience. Most normal people would have bitten their tongue in her position if they felt some minor wrongdoing had been committed in the midst of a major meal preparation.

The vehemence with which the Nadia delivered the reprimand in plategate, touched on other key Nadia defects: her aggressive, abusive and intolerant nature. Her behaviour on fight night in BB5 was also illustrative, where she punched and slapped other hms and was one of the main verbal aggressors. Her behaviour in BB Come Dine with Me, where the pressures on her must have been considerably less than they were in BB and UBB, illustrated yet again her ill-mannered, abusive nature and lack of tolerance. Her foul-mouthed and unjustified attack on Brian and others was just revolting.

She seems to be devoid of basic manners and basic human charm, and is one of the most unappealing characters in BB history, yet she won BB5. Her appalling behaviour and character were seemingly endorsed by the BB viewers, why? Leaving aside that she was competing in the final two with Jason, possibly the most anti-social of all BB housemates, there are a number of reasons for her winning BB5 and these same reasons account for her early departure from UBB. I believe her support was derived from a number of contingents of the BB voting demographic. Firstly there was a contingent of self-obsessed, clothes-obsessed youngish women who could relate to her similar outlook on life, secondly there were those of a generous spirit who took sympathy on her gender struggles and her “journey” in life and BB, and thirdly there was a playful contingent who enjoyed the deception being played on the other housemates, and no doubt there were other smaller contingents. All three of the numbered contingents abandoned her in UBB for various reasons. The first contingent have matured with age and are less sympathetic to her character failings and presumably no longer suffer the same clothes obsession and are less self-obsessed, and so could no longer relate to her. This first contingent was not going to be replaced by another younger batch of supporters in UBB with the same values because she is that much older and uglier and therefore that much further removed from them. The second contingent felt the journey was over and so their interest was elsewhere, and the third contingent wanted to support some new mischief in the house. If Nadia had realised the origins of her support in BB5, she would have realised her downfall in UBB was inevitable and predictable. She is the SAME person inside that won BB5 but her supporters then were either blind to her defects or were prepared to excuse them because of other factors.

Nadia’s sense of entitlement to winning UBB was evident for all to see and unappealing even to much of her remaining fanbase. The scale of her belief in her own winning destiny was evident in her traumatised expression when she was told she was evicted, the incontrovertible and powerful rebuttal of her world view was an emotional earthquake. Her distress at being evicted was all the greater because of her sense of entitlement to the UBB crown. In the interview Davina when asked why she thought she had been evicted and she offered that she “was now an old grumpy woman”. She was partially right, but I suspect she sees the issue in terms of being uglier and fatter rather than her real character failings which were under greater scrutiny.

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