Vic and Nick on the prospective chances of hms

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Vic and Nick on the prospective chances of hms

Post by Flossie » Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:31 pm

Victor and Nick declared the competition for the Ultimate Big Brother crown to be a one-horse race this evening, as they admitted that they believe Brian will win the series.

Filming an episode of their fictional show 'Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin' in the nest, they posed the question: "Who would you like to win, who do you think will win, and who do you think should win?"

They agreed that each wanted the other to emerge victorious. "If not, I want Brian," said Victor. "I know we take the mick out of him... but Brian is deserving. He's the front-runner. Either us guys or Brian should win. There's beautiful all else going on to be honest, apart from whingeing."

Nick added that Chantelle and Preston may also be in with a chance, and that they are popular within the house too. "It's that age-old adage where two people who are rekindling a romance fly under the radar," agreed Victor.

"I do like Preston but he has the charisma of a wounded badger," continued the series 1 star. "And Chantelle is lovely, she's pretty... but will they get back together? I don't know. I'd like to see her win because I don't think she wants to... I've seen no bad side to her. Obviously there isn't a bad side to her in either physical or mental [terms]... She actually genuinely is nice."

"She's low on confidence, the poor thing," said Victor, telling the 'viewers': "There's generally no-one here that me and Nick dislike."

Nick added: "Nikki has always been a fan favourite but if you live with her it's a different matter. She's a sweet girl but like an annoying little sister. Ulrika has now become a dark horse... but I think she has a cold heart. As cold as a polar bear's bum. And she's very determined."

"You do make a compelling case. I'd be hard-pressed not to agree with you," replied Victor, saying that he likes Ulrika but "doesn't think she's in the running".

"I can't really see outside of Nikki, Brian and us two," he concluded.

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