The deluded who believe Nadia has changed

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The deluded who believe Nadia has changed

Post by Flossie » Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:29 pm

The delusion that reigns in much of DS as rgeards Nadia's supposed change of character is incredible.

Nadia has not changed one jot since she was in BB5, she is the same, self-centred, spiteful, ugly, selfish, stupid, incoherent, mindless, aggressive, confrontational, self-obsessed bitch as she was before.

Amazingly, even Davina recognised this, or at least she did after, and possibly before, being confronted with the VT evidence that was shown on BBBM.

I didn't realise until recently that people seemed to think she had changed, she is EXACTLY the same repellent creature that her deluded fans voted for in BB5, presumably because of some sort of sympathy vote from women who generally seem to look sympathetically on men wishing to join their gender. Nadia no longer has that pool of sympathy for her journey and now she is exposed to even her fans as the creature she really is.

Ex-Nadia fans don't seem to have the least bit of self-awareness as to what drives their own opinions.

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Post by Anna » Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:29 pm

I agree that Nadia no longer has a 'back story' to engage viewers and her negative traits are therefore more evident. In addition, I think in BB5 she showed more vulnerability because she was just another contestant at that stage, having not yet won and become well known, and was more uncertain and insecure generally, being younger. Many viewers identify with vulnerability and insecurity and probably voted for her on that basis.

I think Michelle has changed as well, but for the better. I really couldn't stand her in BB5 but now I quite like her. I think she's matured, is more relaxed and her humour is coming out more. Perhaps she'd have been better in BB5 if she hadn't met Stu and come over all bunny boiler.

It's interesting, I know you've always maintained that Nadia has been exactly as she is now, yet when she sounded off at Coolio you supported her. I know Coolio was extremely aggravating generally - and today on DS people were posting that the reason he was asked to leave was because he was asking repeatedly if Nadia still had a penis, asking the girls to lift her dress to find out, etc. I don't know how true this is. However my point is that whilst I know Coolio was aggravating, I saw Nadia's behaviour towards him as exactly the same as her behaviour towards Ulrika. As Brian and Ulrika said in tonight's highlights, Nadia shouts people down and if they shout back at her, gets even more upset. It's reprehensible behaviour generally, yet when she directed it at Coolio you supported her but presumably not when she directed it at Ulrika or others?

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