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Age: 33
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Job: Reality TV Personality
Starsign: Aquarius
Status: Single
Rating: 38% Hot! (1803 ratings)
Is Nadia or


Winner of Big Brother 5 Nadia stole the nation's hearts when she became the first transsexual (or as Nadia likes to refer to herself – a non biological woman) housemate. Viewers fell in love with the Portuguese star for her emotional Diary Room entries as she wrestled with her feelings about her 'secret'. Keeping it from her fellow housemates she worried about their reaction and that of the wider world outside.

She was crowned the winner after 71 days in the Big Brother house with a whopping 74% of the vote and said at the time she finally felt 'accepted' by the British public.

As a housemate she was famous for showering in her high heels, being 'fabulous darling' and creating her little gang the 'lip gloss bitches' with Michelle Bass and Marco.

When asked in 2008 if she would ever go back into the house Nadia said: "if you are the ultimate winner then you are the most amazing person ever." But will the public agree?

Almada went on to record a single ntitled "A Little Bit of Action", which reached Number 27 in the UK in December 2004. She also made a guest appearance in the soap opera Hollyoaks turning on the Christmas Lights. She entered the Big Brother Australia house visiting the three finalists during week 14 and has made various appearances on televised chat shows and even made her own Latino inspired Dance/Fitness video, Latino Dance Workout, which she released in 2004.

In 2005, Nadia was a contestant on the Channel Five reality show, Trust Me...I'm A Holiday Rep. The following year she was a celebrity guest on a four-day stay on Channel 4's reality TV show, Fool Around With...; her goal was to decipher who out of several male contestants was single, enabling them to win £10,000.
Nadia is currently working on her own jewellery line which she's designed herself and describes as 'high end'. She's also practicing for the Eurovision Song Contest where she hopes to represent the UK. She's currently single and says she's older, wiser…and still fabulous.
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