Just so odious

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Just so odious

Post by Flossie »

She is simply odious.

She is spiteful, vicious, mean, driven by the need for attention, utterly selfish, self-obsessed, she does things for effect at every opportunity, she calculatedly dramatises everything she does so she can feed on the attention, she is contemptuous of others, she is utterly dishonest, scheming, unprincipled, utterly self-involved, stupid, and ludicrously self-important.

Her whole approach to life suggests that if she could have a slave and the power to enslave others, she would, such is her feeling of entitlement and her contempt for other humans. If she were living in 18th century Africa as some sort of chief's wife, I suspect she would be an enthusiastic cog in the slave trade and ship out her compatriots.

This is a woman who cares for nothing but herself and who would inflict misery on others for her advantage.
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Post by jackassfan »

Agreed, i loath that woman

She is my 2nd most disliked housemate from all 11 series
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