"Why do you love Noirin so much Marcus?"

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"Why do you love Noirin so much Marcus?"

Post by Flossie » Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:57 pm

This was a comment made by Bea when Marcus walked into the bedroom just after there had been a group discussion amogst the people in the bedroom bout his obsession.

Was this a deliberately unkind thing to do?

The comment clearly embarrassed Marcus and could be interpreted as mocking him in an environment where she was surrounded by audience who would find the comment funny.

I am not sure.

In some ways it was an honest comment, to reflect what the group had been discussing and to communicate this too him, and it didn't seem to be said in a malicious manner. She perhaps wanted the subjected breached because Noirin was complaining of being stifled by Marcus' attention and perhaps Bea thought the issue needed discussing for Noirin's benefit.

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Post by Steffi » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:49 pm

I definitely don't think this comment was deliberately unkind. I've said I think she is quite a nosy inquisitive person and as her psychology degree will prove has an avid interest in people and what makes them tick.
Do you remember Belinda last year blurting out questions which were seen as an invasion of somebody's privacy? Well, I think Bea's intent is quite similar to Belinda's but her execution is different. Her naturally inquiring mind and gentle questioning gives room for the person to respond as they wish. Marcus seemed a little startled but didn't go on the defensive as so many of Belinda's victims tended to. He wanted to shrug off the suggestion quickly and express that he didn't love her.
Yes, I do agree with your post Flossie, I do think it was her intention to get the subject out in the open as you say because Marcus had walked into a very real atmosphere created by their discussion of him and it was only fair that he be enlightened. I like this sort of openness because it throws open all the doors.
I know that some of the people in the room tittered at her comment but that is expected. I suppose they thought it was quite daring of her to bring the subject out.

NB: I didn't have a problem with Belinda's blurting but I know many people, the hms included did!

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