Freddie surprise that Lisa will nominate him

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Freddie surprise that Lisa will nominate him

Post by Flossie » Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:47 pm

Freddie was discussing his future in the house with Siavash and Marcus in the garden and they were considering strategies to ensure Marcus' eviction. Freddie was suggesting he would be non-confrontational and suggested Marcus should be, to which Marcus responded that he was worried that if he were confrontational that might appeal to some viewers and he would be kept in so he was going to be very boring and do nothing.

Marcus and Siavash then pointed out that Freddie would probably be nominated for eviction next week so he shouldn't rejoice at being saved this week if their strategy to get Marcus evicted works. Freddie was shocked and claimed that this scenario wasn't a certainty as Lisa wouldn't nominated him, a prediction which brought mocking noises from Marcus and Siavash and claims that his nomination from her was a certainty. Freddie tried to come to terms with this and spluttered some indifference but it wasn't convincing.

Freddie's comments reveal yet again that he really has no clue whatsoever about social dynamics and human motivatons and is completely incapable of perceiving people correctly.

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Post by Steffi » Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:43 am

He just trusts people too much that's all. Well, the wrong people. People abuse his naivety and the sort of person who has no manners or decency will continue to walk over him until he wises up and stands up for himself and takes charge and says "no more."

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