The pressures on her were difficult to bear

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The pressures on her were difficult to bear

Post by Flossie » Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:02 pm

Josie suddenly found herself surrounded by people who knew her life and the life of the other BB11 hms of the previous eleven weeks better than she did. Many of them had an opinion of her, her behaviour and of the other hms which was founded on knowledge and events to which she didn't have access. They also had the benefit of all the analysis of the media from which to speak with authority. She was in a strange world that many of us have never had to deal with.

I am not sure I would cope being surrounded by people who knew my life intimately and in a better context than I did and could offer information and opinion which would be almost impossible to counter. She was having her perception of reality turned upside down and having a new one substituted in instalments and mediated through other people. A weird experience indeed.

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