Top quotes from the Times

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Top quotes from the Times

Post by Flossie » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:19 pm

All the banter from your favourite wannabe entrepreneurs. Well, Stuart Baggs and Melissa Cohen mostly. Thanks guys...

“I couldn’t live a more interesting life...Even when I’m sleeping, I’m not really asleep” - Stuart

“This is one of our lines that we’ve introduced now, because this is recent at the moment” - Laura

“The Thames is the second biggest river in London” - Jamie

“I’m not a one-trick pony, I’m not a 10-trick pony, I’ve got a whole field of ponies, literally waiting to run towards this” - Stuart

“Pinewood Studios? I’m pretty sure that’s a furniture store” - Sandeesh

Laura: “Sorry if you saw that price written somewhere, but the price is higher” Customer: “I saw the price written on the receipt”

“Sir, you look like a sausage connoisseur” - Stuart

“I’ll lead the team, you do all the work” - Dan

“Save your skin and come out my face” - Melissa

“I’m alive. There are so many people that aren’t alive, or have died, unfortunately. Now, I’m alive...That’s where my drive comes from” - Stuart

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