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The bonkers one that bonked Simon Cowell
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Floss analysis

Post by Flossie » Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:22 pm

This woman is troubled, and extremely vulnerable and completely confused as to how to behave towards others and seems completely unable to empathise. She is so paranoid that people are abusing her that she confuses normal and considerate behaviour with an attack.

She also seems to dislike younger, and potentially more attractive, women and constantly attempts to disparage them in attacks that seem more to do with bolstering her own self-worth than exposing objective faults in her victims. Her attacks are usually charges of deep moral failings, and the desperate quality and vehemence she uses suggests that she craves finding what she wants; and I suspect this behaviour is motivated by some moral shame in some of her past behaviour and so she wants to validate and excuse her past misdeeds by supposedly finding even greater misdeeds in other women at the same stage in their lives as when she committed hers. She is ashamed of what she has done, and as she can't change her past all she can do is justify herself by finding equally egregious faults in the behaviour of others.

She also seems desperate for attention and manipulates where she can to achieve it; almost all conversation has to be about her or her opinions of others and her body language is full of attention grabbing actions and her language is affected and consciously or unconsciously designed to grab the spotlight.

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